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Staffordshire Oatcakes are a popular local flatbread, like a pancake in sixe and thickness but in texture and appearance with much in common with a crumpet.

If you want a really filling calorie-stoked vegetarian breakfast, try this recipe. The oats will partly offset the impact of all that cholesterol!

You can cook it in a panini maker, but if you prefer you can make it in a heavy frying pan over a medium heat with just very little vegetable oil. At a push you can use soft tortillas, chapatis or even slices of wholemeal bread.

oatcake finished


  • 2 Staffordshire Oatcakes
  • Handful grated cheese, mature cheddar or similar
  • Free range egg
  • Black pepper

oatcake ingredients

Modus Operandi

Put one oatcake on the panini maker. Make a ring around the outside with the grated cheese. Break the egg into the middle, top with black pepper and another oatcake.

Gently close the panini maker and switch it on. Cook until it's obvious the egg is cooked as you like it.

Was that too complicated, should I repeat the instructions?

oatcake ready to cook

How to Eat

Posh folks will cut it into polite slices, but you can eat it with your fingers if you are in a hurry. Consider topping it with brown sauce. Nice with a big mug of tea while you read the news on your phone. You can also roll it up and eat it cold for lunch.

Other Ideas

You can add herbs, a dash of soy sauce or vegetarian Worcestershire sauce if you like. For a total Midlands foodgasm, use mature Stilton cheese.