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Lots of people use weightlifting weights to add extra mass to their mount counterbalance, but the 1" diameter holes mean they are a sloppy fit, even when sandwiched between two 'normal weights'. This creates the opportunity for them to slip, jarring the mount and possibly spoiling a sub.

Here's a solution - 3D printed bushes.The bushes fit neatly in standard weights and fit standard 18mmm or 20mm shafts and should suit most Synta (Celestron and Skywatcher) and many other mounts.

If you would like me to produce an SL for any other shaft size, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the STL files from the links below:

EQ3 weight adaptor 20mm bore.stl

EQ5 weight adaptor 18mm bore.stl

And here are some custom sizes that have been requested - not that all adaptors are sized to be free on the shafts rather than tight fits.

Custom weight adaptor half inch bore.stl

Custom weight adaptor 12mm bore.stl

Deisgn for EQ3 Weight Adaptor in Alibre Atom 3D