This page was created to help make sure the Motor Boys Plan Book (Second Edition), created largely by Ron Chernich, remains freely available to all model engineers in accordance with Ron's wishes.

Download the handbook (~8Mb).

The Handbook is licenced under creative commons,

(CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) **LINK**

Ron Chernich did all the CAD work for the plans and Tim Dannels arranged the introduction.

The Boys were:

Gordon Burford (Australia)
Ron Chernich (Australia)
Tim Dannels (USA)
David Owen (Australia)
Randy Ryan (USA)
Les Stone (USA)
Vincent Chai (Australia)
Ken Croft (England)
Eric Offen (England)
Stan Pilgrim (Australia)
Roger Schroeder (USA)
Bert Striegler (USA)

The Motor Boys dedicated this edition to their absent friends, Don McClusky and George Aldrich, both founding members of the group.


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